Zombie Shooting 2D Online

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Play Zombie Shooting 2D, Zombie Shooting 2D game online free One of the Shooting games online Played 74 times known as the Zombie Shooting 2D game number 616. Aim perfectly to kill the zombie horde. Tighten your gun's trigger grip and shoot all the dangerous undead. A horrible illness turned humans into zombies in 2020. Almost all human survivors have been killed or infected, and the Earth has become a zombie wasteland. Become a zombie hunter. Eliminate every undead wandering the zombie district battlefield, defend zombie PVP, and rescue the final zombie survivor. Night-chasing zombies, A sniper rifle and a corpse are the best ways to kill zombies. Slay the undead and go on in Zombieland. In this action-packed 3D game, you are a real-life zombie hunter. Monsters and weapons This zombie-infested setting in this FPS tactical mobile game is at your disposal. Put your accuracy shooting skills to the test. A sniper hunter employing the best weaponry and rifles is the main character in this zombie RPG FPS action combat game. The purpose of this brutal war is to end the zombie apocalypse. Protect your border against the undead in this fun zombie shooting game.

WASD - move character Use mouse to shooting


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