Trap Craft Online

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Play Trap Craft, Trap Craft game online free One of the adventure games online Played 88 times known as the Trap Craft game number 482. Hacker once again staged a zombie apocalypse in a monster school. And offers you to play a game with him. The game has a Noob, a Pro, a Princess and other characters of the monster school. Everyone has their own desire, a Noob, for example, wants to be loved by a Princess. The Hacker is ready to fulfill everyone's wish if you pass all his chellenges. All you need is to protect the Portal from blocks. Create your own unique defense against zombies. Use weapons and build towers. New unique traps on each level. Defend the portal, Mine coins and create your own strategy. Each hero has his own funny ending. The Hacker is insidious and will affect all the heroes, even Pro and Noob. In the store you can buy a pet that increases the characteristics of the hero.

The only tower defense game in monster school Brawl with zombies has never been so smart and fun


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