Stickman Army : The Defenders Online

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Play Stickman Army : The Defenders, Stickman Army : The Defenders game online free One of the Shooting games online Played 86 times known as the Stickman Army : game number 1611. You must Defend your country against revolutionaries and renegades. A crowd of renegade stickman have started to invade the institutions and kill people. The last hope of the country is its best army stratege... You !!! You are in command of a powerfull army that can stop the revolutionaries. You can end this civil war... But this is going to be an epic battle. You must protect the institutions... whatever happens ! Lead your units to the final victory.

Follow the in-game tutorial to learn how to plant your towers and defend the White House Every unit has different characteristics and you have to play wisely to defeat your opponents Make sure the enemies don t pass your defense or this will be t


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