Squid r Ninja Online

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Play Squid r Ninja, Squid r Ninja game online free One of the Arcade games online Played 94 times known as the Squid Gamer game number 249. Circle Blade Squid Gamer Shadow Rescue Operation, Warrior Revenge Fight Adventure, Circle Blade Ninja has a unique slow-motion effect. The player's mission is to help the ninja rescue the girl from the evil ninja. To make him move, tap on the screen and drag your finger to make him jump and follow the direction. With its distinctive slow-motion effect, the Circle Blade Ninja can perform shadow rescue operations, warrior vengeance combat adventures, and other feats of strength. The player aims to assist the ninja in rescuing the girl from the clutches of the bad ninja. To get him to move, press on the display and drag your finger or mouse to have him leap and move in the direction you want him to go.

Touch and mouse to play


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