Pregnant Mommy Care Online

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Play Pregnant Mommy Care, Pregnant Mommy Care game online free One of the Girls games online Played 91 times known as the Pregnant Mommy game number 162. Pregnant Mommy Care is a very fun caring game. Lisa is very tired recently. Probably because she is carrying 2 babies and she is about to labor. Let's look after her together! Start the care with a fantastic face spa for her. Clean her face. Apply face mask on her face. Oh! She has got so many pimples on her face. Let's move these bad pimples. Lisa is so easy hungry during her pregnancy. Feed her some fruits and juices made on your own. She will be so grateful for your kindness. Lisa is too tired to decorate babies' room, come and decorate their room with your good taste. Want to know what her babies look like? Click the play button to find out in this game!

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