Phone Case DIY 2 Online

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Play Phone Case DIY 2, Phone Case DIY 2 game online free One of the Girls games online Played 74 times known as the Phone Case DIY game number 1486. Do you have artistic talent? If you are not sure about your artistic talent. The new released Phone Case DIY game can help you discover it. The pretty girl wants to attend her sister's party and she needs you to design the latest phone case for her. We picked many beautiful colors, stickers and phone case models for you. We have also prepared 3 different making processes for you: By choosing Stencil art, you can spray lots of pretty patterns on the phone case. By choosing Pop it, you will enjoy the fun of Pop it...Trust us, no matter what color you spray on the phone case and what making processes you choose, it always comes out pretty. Come and play this game to find more fun stuffs!

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