Noob Rush vs Pro Monster Online

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Play Noob Rush vs Pro Monster, Noob Rush vs Pro Monster game online free One of the Hypercasual games online Played 89 times known as the Noob Rush vs game number 565. Have fun with this new game Noob Rush vs Pro Monster is an action game, where a little noob will run without stopping but will need your help to dodge the obstacles and target the enemies that are trying to eliminate you !!! A small and desperate character in shorts will run for his life but on his way he will meet many enemies, some very dangerous that will attack from the air and land and will not stop throwing objects at you that could eliminate you !! The objective of the game is to take the little noob as far as you can without losing, eliminate as many as you can to collect the most points and gold and thus be able to improve your skills !!

Instructions Use the arrow keys and the letters WASD to move and jump spacebar On mobile devices tap the game buttons to move and shoot


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