Metal Army War Online

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Play Metal Army War, Metal Army War game online free One of the adventure games online Played 92 times known as the Metal Army War game number 1962. The dark robotic kingdom wants to take over Earth and turn it into a metal robot planet. Stand up to them alone or with a friend and take back the planet! Destroy traps, take down enemies and rescue hostages. You can upgrade your weapons and health bar with the metallic materials you collect in the levels. You can complete the mission successfully by destroying the BOSS that appears after a total of 15 levels of struggle. *You can always find your way when you get lost. Press "SPACE" to open the MAP.

PLAYER 1 Move W A S D Hit C Hold longer than release for powerful hit Grenade V Jump W Walk on the wall Switch weapon Q-E Special Attack Q E Press While SP Bar Max Ammo Reload X PLAYER 2 M


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