Little Panda Truck Team Online

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Play Little Panda Truck Team, Little Panda Truck Team game online free One of the Boys games online Played 35 times known as the Little Panda game number 2678. Little Panda's truck Team is a very addictive game. In this game you need to help the truck team build the railway station and rebuild the amusement park. You will use various kinds of trucks to do your works. Use a roller to flatten the road, use a forklift to lay formwork and tracks and use a crane to install parts for ferris wheels and roller coasters etc. While you are playing this game, the trucks also introduce themselves to you, which can reinforce your impression of the trucks. You will not only learn how the trucks work but also have lots of fun in this game. Isn't it amazing? Enjoy!

Mouse or tap to play


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