Cake Mania Online

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Play Cake Mania, Cake Mania game online free One of the Arcade games online Played 52 times known as the Cake Mania game number 2557. The land of sweet cakes is the setting for the delicious and entertaining match-3 game known as Sweet Cake Mania. You may play these puzzles whenever and anywhere you want with this game since they are so beautifully crafted! In this cake saga game, you must compete to become the Cake Star and conquer all levels. HOW TO PLAY Crush the cakes by matching three or more of the same kind in a row. When you combine six cakes, you can make a more powerful cake. It can ruin all of the cakes in a line or a column. It is recommended that you combine two strong cakes to create various wonderful effects that will assist you in completing the level.

Mouse to change the place of the cake


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