Army of Soldiers : Resistance Online

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Play Army of Soldiers : Resistance, Army of Soldiers : Resistance game online free One of the Hypercasual games online Played 98 times known as the Army of Soldiers game number 1073. Defend your country against monsters and savages creatures in epic battles. A crowd of monsters and savages creatures coming from another world have started to invade the earth and kill people. The last hope of the country is ... You !!! You are in command of a team of 2 supoer soldiers that can stop the invasion. You can end this war... But this is going to be an epic battle. You must survice... whatever happens ! Lead your team to the final victory. You have a tons of different weapons available for your soldiers: gun, machine gun, bazooka, rifle, sniper rifle, kalashnikov, flame thrower, rocket launcher, heavy weapons, shotgun, the big bertha, bombs, barbed wire, mines, sandbags, turret defense... and more Every weapon has different characteristics and you have to play wisely to defeat the ennemy. Make sure the enemies don’t pass your defense, or this will be the end of life on earth…

Choose a weapon and play wisely to defeat the enemy Make sure the enemies don t get past your defense or it will be the end of life on earth


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