2048 Bubble Box 3D Online

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Play 2048 Bubble Box 3D, 2048 Bubble Box 3D game online free One of the Puzzle games online Played 45 times known as the 2048 Bubble Box game number 2629. Chain Cube 2048 is a great puzzle game for those, who like challenging brain-teasers and logic number games. Believe us, it is much harder to reach 2048 than drop the number. A whole new take on the famous brainteaser number game! Now in 3D with crazy fun physics! The blocks don't stay in place — they fall realistically and bounce off each other if you haven’t managed to merge cube blocks! Don't try and hide it, we know you can't get enough fun 2048 games! So don't be shy, do yourself a favor and download Chain Cube 2048! You need to drop the number blocks to get the highest score and solve the puzzle!.

Tap screen shoot bricks Merge blocks in a line with the same number Get higher number and challenge high score


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