100 : One Hundread Online

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Play 100 : One Hundread, 100 : One Hundread game online free One of the Puzzle games online Played 104 times known as the 100 : One game number 1414. Your multiple hobbies include numbers, alchemy and exterminating small and innocent creatures? In that case, 100 is the perfect game for you. In your very own tower, take out your cauldron and your vials and flasks, and prepare yourself to brew the strangest concoctions ever. 100 is a game of puzzles and reflection in which you must group small, cute creatures marked with a percentage to recreate cubes of 100 percent. You can slide the different creatures horizontally and vertically in the level to add their percentages to each other. If you make a 100% cube, it freezes and cannot be used or moved anymore. Put together all the cubes to reach the end of the level. Put your neurons to the test and find the solutions to sixty different, and ever more complex, levels. Gather all the creatures, create the most terrifying potions and prove to all that you are the greatest of the alchemists.

Group small creatures marked with a percentage to create 100 cubes


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